Terms of Service

By purchasing in our Internet shop, you accept Terms of Service stated below. Please read them carefully and get familiar with the rules we follow. Online shop “Dve Šmizle – Shop” reserves the right to modify and add to the Terms of Service without prior notice.


All the products in the purchase order are delivered by Post Express service “Next day delivery” at the official price as in:

(Unless previously agreed otherwise)

The postage is to be paid in cash by the recipient. On receiving the package, you must sign the address label. The order is paid for to the courier in cash only if you opt for cash on delivery (COD). COD is available only in the Republic of Serbia.The products in the purchase order are delivered on processing your payment unless you opt for COD.

We cover the postage for the orders in Serbia that exceed RDS 2,000.

To make the delivery even faster, we notify you via email when the courier takes your package, so you would not spend days expecting it. This means the package will be delivered to your address the next day.

The deadline for delivery is 3 working days after the order (Saturdays and Sundays not included).

There is a place for your comment in the personal data section. Please, use it to fill in all the important notes, but bear in mind that the delivery is done by a courier service, so you need to be flexible.

Delivery Abroad

Dve Šmizle – Shop” deliveres all of its products everywhere in the world.

The delivery takes 7 to 20 days, not including the day of receiving the package, non-working days of both receiving and sending service, retention at customs and both services’ holidays.

The shipping is not included in the price of the product. The shipping is included in the overall cost made during the ordering process and it depends on the recipient’s country

Custom duties in the country of the recipient are not included in the product price and the overall cost.


If you have any complaints about our products or services, feel free to contact us on telephone or via email. We will do our best to tackle any potential issues in the most efficient way.

Phone: +38111 3542843, Mobile: +38163 542555

e-mail: office@dvesmizle.rs

Complaints about the products delivered abroad can be filed only in case of damaged or incomplete order and in case the order is not consistent with the order specification. Complaints can be filed via telephone, post or email. Contacts can be found on our homepage. If the complaint is valid and the agreement between the buyer and the seller cannot be reached, the product can be returned and our shop will refund the buyer. Refunds are handled exclusively via VISA, EC/MC and Maestro Payment Service, meaning that the bank will refund the money to the buyer’s account at the request of the seller.

Complaints about the products delivered in Serbia can be filed only in case of damaged or incomplete order and in case the order is not consistent with the order specification. Complaints can be filed via telephone, post or email. Contacts can be found on our homepage. If the complaint is valid and the agreement between the buyer and the seller cannot be reached, the product can be returned and our shop will refund the buyer

In case of return of the goods and refund to the buyer who had paid via credit card (fully or partially), Dve Šmizle doo is obliged to make the refund exclusively via VISA, EC/MC and Maestro Payment Service, meaning that the bank will refund the money to the buyer’s account at the request of the seller.

Conversion declaration

All payments will be effected in Serbian currency – dinar (RSD). The amount your credit card account will be charged for is obtained through the conversion of the price in Euro into Serbian dinar according to the current exchange rate of the Serbian National Bank. When charging your credit card, the same amount is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations. As a result of this conversion there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price stated in our web site.

Privacy Statement

Dve Šmizle – Shop” is responsible for data privacy of all visitors and customers. We only collect basic customer/visitor data necessary for doing business and providing information for the users in accordance with the good business practice, and with the aim of providing quality service. The data is available only to our Internet Shop staff.

Our customers are given choice whether or not they want to be on our mailing list used for marketing campaigns. All customer/visitor data are confidential and available exclusively to our Internet Shop staff. All the employees of Dve Šmizle – Shop” (and their associates) are responsible for respecting privacy policy.

Intellectual Property

The content of this website, including web pages, texts and designer elements (icons, buttons, etc), logos, photos, audio tracks and software, is the property of Dve Šmizle – Shop” Internet store or the property of its suppliers, and therefore cannot be used without the consent of Dve Šmizle – Shop” doo. Please, let us know in case you find any content of our website that you consider abusive or your own property.

All the information available on our website may only be used for informational purposes and must not be abused for commercial purposes or the third party.

Your Account

Dve Šmizle – Shop” will use your registration data only for the purposes of doing business with you, that is buying and selling, and we assure you that your data will not be used for other purposes. Under aged persons can use our services only if supervised by a parent/guardian. We are not responsible for your account activity on the website www.dvesmizle-shop.com and the confidentiality of your access password.

Comments, Communication and other Content Left by the Visitors

All visitors of our Internet shop Dve Šmizle – Shop” have the opportunity to comment our products and email us. We reserve the rights to remove or not publish any comments that are rude and malicious, include hate speech or infringe the rights of others. We hereby inform you that the website Dve Šmizle – Shop” does not allow registration under other person’s email or false representation. If this occurs, Dve Šmizle – Shop” can initiate the appropriate legal procedure.

Product Descriptions

We are here for you and we do our best to provide you with the precise description of our products. Due to the wide range of products we cannot guarantee that the description of a product is 100% correct, complete, reliable and without a mistake. If the product you purchased is not consistent with its description online, you can return it (the product must not be used) together with the full documentation you received on the purchase, and we will give you the refund.

Priduct Prices

We hereby inform you that VAT is included in all of our products’ prices. If the changes occur after you have created the order, we are obliged to accept the price at the time of making the order, even though the price changed after the order was made. We reserve the right to cancel the order in case of mistake in pricing (e.g. pricing a product at RSD 1000 instead of RSD 10000), and to inform you about in via email.

Products delivered abroad are VAT-free.

Working Hours

Online shop Dve Šmizle – Shop” is available 24/7. In case of technical difficulties, the webpage may not be available for a short period of time, on which you will receive the notification.

Changing (Updating) Website Data

Dve Šmizle – Shop” has the right to change the data on their website at any time without prior notice.


If certain act is partially or completely inapplicable or illegal, validity of other acts will not be affected. Inapplicable or illegal act will be substituted with the appropriate one. You agree not to transfer your rights and responsibilities from the Terms of Service to the third person without the explicit written statement of Dve Šmizle – Shop doo”.

Terms of Purchase on our Online Shop “Dve Šmizle -


Dve Šmizle – Shop” is an online store which exists because of you and works in coherence with Law on Electronic Commerce and all current laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia. We will elaborate on the terms of commerce:


  1. Registration

  2. Choosing the product

  3. Cart review

  4. Entering customer’s data and place of delivery

  5. Shipping method

  6. Method of payment

  7. Review and order confirmation


You register by choosing the option “Registration”. You must fill in your email address and the message containing your password will be sent to you automatically. Write your password in the space for it and confirm by pressing the appropriate button. You will be taken to our homepage.

The registration is successful if your name is shown at the top of every webpage. You can log out at any time by choosing the option “Log out”. You can also log in at any time by choosing the option “Log in” and filling in your email and password provided for you.

Note: It is common for every webpage that registration requires your browser to accept cookies. Cookies are normally included in most browsers.

Choosing the product you want to purchase

All products are organized by category you can review in the catalog on our website. By pressing the button “Add to cart” on your product’s webpage, you are adding the product to your cart. After that you can continue browsing other products.

Cart Review

You can review the content of your cart at any time by choosing the option “Cart”. You can see all the products you have chosen to put in your cart. You can specify the number of items of the specific product you wish to purchase. If you change your mind, you can remove the product from your cart. The cart is the first step in creating the order. When you are completely satisfied with your cart content, proceed to the next step.

Entering customer’s data and place of delivery

You need to provide customer’s data and the address for the delivery.

Customer’s data are the ones to be written on the receipt which will be sent together with the delivery. If you make purchase as an individual, write your own data as in ID. Of you make purchase as a legal entity (a company representative) write the company’s data.

Place of delivery is the location where you want your package delivered.

Review and order confirmation

Before officially confirming your order, you can review all the details: the list of products you ordered, customer’s data, delivery address, the wrapping of product, time of delivery, full price of products, etc. If you agree with the order, choose the option “Confirm my order”, by which the order is created. This will automatically send you the email with your order’s review and the instructions for payment.

Following your order’s status on MY ACCOUNT

If your registration to www.dvesmizle-shop is successful, webpage “My account” becomes available. This webpage is only visible to you, and you can update your registration data and follow your orders’ status. Once the order is created, it appears on webpage “My account”. This is where you can review all the details concerning your order and get the invoice. This webpage also shows the status of your order. Each change concerning your order is noted and sent to the email address you provided when registering to our website.